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19 June

5 Reasons it’s More Than Just a Thank-You Email

By Ashley Phillips, Director of Executive Recruitment, Ashton Tweed See this article on LinkedIn.   That’s right, not a text, but a thank you email! Whether it’s after an interview, a networking event, or a business lunch, it all matters! Most of us have been encouraged to send thank-you emails promptly after professional interactions and have […]

21 June

5 Small Tasks to Make Networking Less of a Chore

By Jim Rudman, CEO, Ashton Tweed See this article on LinkedIn. It’s hard to make time for networking within your already busy work schedule, but it’s important not to let your networking efforts slack. There’s no need to make networking an impossible chore or burden. If you don’t have the time to participate in networking […]

10 June

10 Convention Etiquette Tips

By Jordan Warshafsky, Partner, Ashton Tweed See this article on LinkedIn.   Poor behavior and improper etiquette can make a lasting negative impression when meeting people for the first time. Set yourself up for success at your next industry convention. Following these etiquette tips can go a long way when developing new professional relationships.   […]

11 May

Network Nationwide in the Life Sciences

By Jordan Warshafsky, Partner, Ashton Tweed   “Network, network, network” is a common piece of advice, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Did you know that employee referrals generate 39.9% of all hires? That is the power of networking. Here we have detailed three nationwide organizations associated with the life sciences. Through these […]

27 January

Why Networking is Also Important for Employers

By John Degnan   It’s a common misconception that networking is just a tool for those looking for new career opportunities. But in fact, it is also a beneficial time-investment for employers and hiring managers themselves. In the fast-paced and ever-progressing life science industries, it is hard to predict when you may need new talent […]

24 November

Top 11 Networking Mistakes

By Jordan Warshafsky, Partner, Ashton Tweed   We all know how important networking is for professional success. And whether or not you’re looking for a new career opportunity, networking should be an essential part of your professional life. Here are the top 10 networking mistakes to avoid as you set out to your next event: […]

28 October

Get the Most Out of Your Business Cards

By Jordan Warshafsky, Partner, Ashton Tweed   Whether you’re looking for a new career opportunity or simply trying to build a professional network, your business cards can be one of your most valuable networking tools. Here we provide six quick tips to help you use your business cards effectively.   What’s in your wallet? Hopefully […]

24 September

7 Tips for Online Networking Success

By Jordan Warshafsky, Partner, Ashton Tweed   Online professional networking is key to increasing your reach in the life sciences industry, whether it’s for job hunting or career advancement. And let’s face it, we’re all glued to our screens more than we’d like to admit, especially to our social media sites. So let’s make sure […]

Networking Articles

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The FDA has approved the first MRI device specifically for use in neonatal intensive care units.
Vertex reported positive clinical results for three of its cystic fibrosis triple combination treatments!
Mitsubishi Tanabe to acquire NeuroDerm, a drug company focused on treatments for Parkinson's disease, for $1.1B!
This biotech needed a CMO to lead all aspects of US & international clinical trial development of pipeline products:
Ashton's Tip of the Week: Making introductions is a form of networking. Know two people who might be helpful to one…
Quest acquired 2 lab businesses in TX, establishing a national center of excellence for cancer precision diagnostics.
Ex Google exec teams up w/ Mayo Clinic to develop tools to screen for a heart rhythm that kills thousands each year.
#ThrowbackThursday to Gregor Johann Mendel, born this day in 1822, the founder of the modern science of genetics.
A pair of Zika vaccines, given to mice before pregnancy, protected their offspring from Zika infection.
Sanofi and GSK are beginning shipments for flu season, expecting to dispatch up to 70M and 40M doses respectively.