Despite the wide diversity of products, your life sciences company proceeds through predictable phases to bring products to market. Ashton Tweed has developed a model for the components of this process called the Life Sciences Growth Continuum.

As your company advances through the continuum, your needs for human capital will expand, both in the management ranks and the business infrastructure. Ashton Tweed’s partners have the life sciences industry experience to successfully source highly skilled experts with the specific background and knowledge required to assist your company in successfully navigating each phase of your growth.

Ashton Tweed helps your life sciences company plan a human capital strategy so that the right people are in place when they are needed.



Life Sciences Growth Continuum

  • Senior management — the right people to attract investment dollars
  • Fundraising — skilled fundraisers to shorten the investment cycle
  • R&D — innovative research personnel
  • Product development — executives adept at converting R&D into products
  • Manufacturing — professionals to get your product made
  • Regulatory — executives skilled at developing your company’s effective regulatory strategy
  • Clinical trials — executives experienced at gaining FDA approval
  • Statistical analysis — professionals skilled at interpreting results
  • Marketing and sales — business development executives with the right plan
  • Infrastructure — management of human capital, finance, and IT

For guidance leading your company through the growth continuum, please contact Ashton Tweed at 610-725-0290.

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