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24 April

3 Ways to Support Your Leaders to Success

By Jim Rudman, CEO, Ashton Tweed See this article on LinkedIn.   Although your leadership team may consist of one individual or a few people, it doesn’t mean they are meant to work alone. Successful leaders often rely on a team of advisors or trusted peers within or without their company. Having worked with the […]

06 December

Top 5 Time Wasters at Work & How to Avoid Them

By Ashley Phillips, Director of Executive Recruitment, Ashton Tweed See this article on LinkedIn.   Small amounts of time are inevitably wasted during our workdays, but it’s good not to make a habit out of significant time-wasting behaviors. Working in the life sciences industry, time is always of the essence, especially if you are in a […]

03 October

Being the Best Leader in Times of Hardship

By Jordan Warshafsky, Partner, Ashton Tweed See this article on LinkedIn.   Every company faces ups and downs, especially in the turbulent life sciences industry. Successful leaders must be prepared to face the good times and the bad. Having partnered with many companies during critical periods, I’ve seen talented leaders move their companies from emergency […]

02 August

Make the Most of Your Meeting Time

By Ashley Phillips, Director of Executive Recruitment, Ashton Tweed See this article on LinkedIn.   We spend a lot of time in meetings, but sometimes they can be a black hole of wasted time. From presentations to team meetings to weekly catch-ups, they all serve an important purpose, but sometimes you’re just going through the […]

24 May

Leading Millennials in the Life Sciences

By Jim Rudman, CEO, Ashton Tweed See this article on LinkedIn.   Although there is a lot of talk about this topic, millennials aren’t some big dreaded challenge to the established workforce. In fact, they bring a lot of positive qualities to the professional world, especially to the life sciences industry where we are always […]

29 March

How to Manage Employees Like a Team – 8 Steps

By Jim Rudman, CEO, Ashton Tweed See this article on LinkedIn.   Managing a great team takes as much effort on the leader’s side as it does on the team members’, because teamwork is initially facilitated through a leader. This especially rings true for the life sciences industry, where a company may have many experts […]

20 October

How to Fire an Employee as Smoothly as Possible

By Jim Rudman, CEO, Ashton Tweed See this article on LinkedIn.   It’s always uncomfortable firing an employee and the task never gets any easier. Unfortunately, it is part of a leader’s responsibility to do what’s best for the team and the company as a whole. Additionally, there is extra pressure to fire employees gracefully […]

06 October

4 Ways Transparent Communication Makes Things Better

By Jordan Warshafsky, Partner, Ashton Tweed See this article on LinkedIn.   Transparency in professional communication is valuable in many ways, especially in the life sciences industry where leadership changes and mergers and acquisitions are constant. In the long run, transparent communication will lead to higher performance levels by bettering your company in four fundamental […]

24 March

How To Be An Effective Interim Executive

By Jim Rudman, CEO, Ashton Tweed See this article on LinkedIn.   Climbing the ladder to an executive position is challenging enough, but entering a company as an interim executive poses different challenges. There are certain skills required to be an effective interim executive and to handle companies in transition or turmoil. If you are […]

10 February

7 Complaints Employees Don’t Tell Their Bosses

By Jordan Warshafsky, Partner, Ashton Tweed   There are a lot of things your employees may not feel comfortable telling you. But as a good employer, these are seven of the most common complaints you should be aware of in the workplace:   1. Underpaid: It’s always uncomfortable to talk about money, especially to ask for […]

02 February

Most Common Mistakes of Start-Ups

By Lea Wolfinger,  Senior Director, Ashton Tweed   New and competitive businesses emerge in the life science industries every day, making it no easy feat to lead a start-up or own a small business. There are many common business mistakes made in the early stages that could potentially drive your start-up biotech or pharmaceutical company […]

04 January

7 Big Mistakes Bosses Make When Motivating Employees

(And how to fix them.) By John Degnan   Motivating employees is a key responsibility of any leadership role. Only 1 in 4 employees consider themselves motivated at work, which is a frightening statistic. Lack of employee motivation can lead to decreased productivity and creativity and, in the long run, will negatively affect your sales […]

02 December

13 Vital Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

By Jim Rudman, CEO, Ashton Tweed   There is a group of traits that successful businesses have in common, and it’s no coincidence. In today’s world of entrepreneurship, the competition is fierce, especially within the realm of the life sciences. Do you have what it takes?   1. Passion: Successful business owners and leaders love […]

14 October

Top 10 Attractive Traits in a New Boss

By Jim Rudman, CEO, Ashton Tweed   It’s important to pinpoint attractive traits in potential employees, but what about your own traits as an employer? Know that the job opportunity alone might not be enough to persuade a candidate to join your team. In order to attract and keep excellent candidates in the running for […]

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The FDA has approved the first MRI device specifically for use in neonatal intensive care units. https://t.co/46tSVpbNGt
Vertex reported positive clinical results for three of its cystic fibrosis triple combination treatments! https://t.co/E6uzdznI0s
Mitsubishi Tanabe to acquire NeuroDerm, a drug company focused on treatments for Parkinson's disease, for $1.1B! https://t.co/7hZ5tLbhMq
This biotech needed a CMO to lead all aspects of US & international clinical trial development of pipeline products: https://t.co/zsZBJ9MKNe
Ashton's Tip of the Week: Making introductions is a form of networking. Know two people who might be helpful to one… https://t.co/AxQpT054D5
Quest acquired 2 lab businesses in TX, establishing a national center of excellence for cancer precision diagnostics.https://t.co/YwEA7erRvR
Ex Google exec teams up w/ Mayo Clinic to develop tools to screen for a heart rhythm that kills thousands each year. https://t.co/FRnrbexS0j
#ThrowbackThursday to Gregor Johann Mendel, born this day in 1822, the founder of the modern science of genetics. https://t.co/9tXMewy9O5
A pair of Zika vaccines, given to mice before pregnancy, protected their offspring from Zika infection. https://t.co/ipcDTKUmYg
Sanofi and GSK are beginning shipments for flu season, expecting to dispatch up to 70M and 40M doses respectively. https://t.co/mJMftbGT5q