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07 July

CEO Leadership Series: James Caruso, President & CEO, Cellectar Biosciences

HOW TO INFLUENCE A COMPANY’S CULTURE AND WHY IT MATTERS In his 27 years as a biotech and pharmaceutical professional, James Caruso has held key executive positions at organizations of all sizes, from Big Pharma to small specialty companies to a startup. One constant throughout his career has been a commitment to shaping a positive […]

19 May
07 April

CEO Leadership Series: Christopher J. Schaber, PhD, President & CEO, Soligenix, Inc.

WALKING A TIGHTROPE BETWEEN DRUG DEVELOPMENT AND FUNDRAISING For Christopher J. Schaber, successfully helming Soligenix Inc. involves walking a tightrope between developing a roster of promising drugs and raising the funds to pay for it. Recently listed on NASDAQ, Soligenix is a late-stage biopharmaceutical company based in Princeton, N.J., that focuses on two very specific […]

27 February

CEO Leadership Series: Cynthia Schwalm, EVP, North America Commercial Operations, Ipsen

HOW TO MAKE TOUGH DECISIONS AND HELP OTHERS SUCCEED In the three years since Cynthia Schwalm joined Ipsen’s North America operations, she’s handled the enviable challenge of managing aggressive growth and acquiring new assets for the pharmaceutical company, which specializes in developing treatments for prostate, bladder and kidney cancers; endocrine diseases; central nervous system disorders; […]

03 January
17 November

CEO Leadership Series: Philip M. Sass, Chairman, President & CEO, Liquid Biotech USA, Inc.

INVESTING IN THE FUTURE OF CANCER TREATMENT After co-founding and building Morphotek, Inc., a biotech company that specializes in developing biologics for the treatment of oncology, infectious and autoimmune diseases, and selling it to Eisai Co. Ltd., a Japanese firm, for $325 million in 2007, Dr. Philip M. Sass stayed with Eisai for seven years before […]

26 September

CEO Leadership Series: Scott Jackson, Former CEO, Celator Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

HOW WHEN PERSEVERANCE AND PASSION FINALLY PAY OFF When Scott Jackson became CEO of Celator Pharmaceuticals, Inc. more than eight years ago, a new treatment for a blood cancer called acute myeloid leukemia (AML) hadn’t been approved in decades. Under Jackson’s leadership, Celator demonstrated in a Phase 3 clinical trial that its drug combination product […]

19 August

CEO Leadership Series: Gur Roshwalb, MD, CEO, Akari Therapeutics Plc

HOW A MERGER JUMP-STARTED A PROMISING DRUG’S DEVELOPMENT Gur Roshwalb, M.D., isn’t afraid of a challenge. When Dr. Roshwalb, CEO of Akari Therapeutics Plc, saw a unique opportunity to reinvent a well funded but struggling U.S. biotech company by merging it with a cash-strapped British company with a promising new drug therapy for patients with […]

11 July

CEO Leadership Series: Francois Nader, MD, Chairman, Acceleron Pharma Inc.

WHY CULTURE IS THE KEY TO A COMPANY’S SUCCESS Dr. Francois Nader knows something about the importance of embracing a culture, whether it’s on a personal or professional level. He earned a medical degree in Beirut and has worked in France, Canada, Kansas City, Mo. and New Jersey. Dr. Nader has also directed the complete […]

31 May

CEO Leadership Series: Kenneth L. Londoner, Executive Chairman, BioSig Technologies, Inc.

AN ENTREPRENEURIAL PATHWAY TO LEADERSHIP With an investment and business development background, Kenneth L. Londoner’s career is proof no set or predictable path to running a biomedical company exists. Londoner considers himself to be an entrepreneur first, one who achieved success inside and outside the biomedical industry long before he co-founded BioSig Technologies, Inc. BioSig […]

14 April

CEO Leadership Series: Francois R. Martelet, Chief Executive Officer, NetScientific Plc

TAKING THE REINS OF A HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY INVESTMENT COMPANY French by birth, based in London and doing business in the San Francisco Bay-area biotech community, Dr. Francois R. Martelet brings two decades of global experience in the biotech industry to NetScientific Plc, a biomedical health care technology company that funds and develops diagnostic and digital […]

17 March

CEO Leadership Series: Ivan R. Sabel, Chief Executive Officer, Orthotic Holdings Inc.

PASSION FOR PATIENT CARE HELPS BUILD BUSINESS As the CEO of Orthotic Holdings Inc. (OHI), Ivan R. Sabel draws on his experience as both a practitioner and a businessman, roles he’s embraced since the beginning of his career, to meet the challenges of managing a growing organization with nearly 500 employees. Mr. Sabel developed his […]

29 January

CEO Leadership Series: Kathleen P. DeLawrence, Chief Operating Officer, Ability Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc.

MAKING CONNECTIONS AND SEIZING OPPORTUNITIES Kathleen P. DeLawrence, Chief Operating Officer of Ability Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc., has an impressive breadth of experience in the pharmaceutical, life sciences and health care industries. Ms. DeLawrence logged decades of experience at pharmaceutical companies. In fact, she even started out working at a mom-and-pop pharmacy when she was […]

09 December

CEO Leadership Series: Graham G. Lumsden, CEO, Motif Bio plc

AFTER DECADES AT MERCK, A NEW ENTREPRENEURIAL BEGINNING After 26 years at Merck & Co. Inc., Graham G. Lumsden was evaluating his career options. He decided that more of the same wasn’t for him. Instead, Lumsden, a veterinarian by training who held progressively responsible marketing positions with Merck AgVet before moving into the human health […]

28 October

CEO Leadership Series: Renold J. Capocasale, Founder and CEO, FlowMetric Inc.

FROM BIG PHARMA LAYOFF TO LAUNCHING A CRO When Renold J. Capocasale learned that he was being laid off by Johnson & Johnson, where he had worked as a research scientist for 16 years, he took swift and decisive action to transition into the next chapter of his career. Mr. Capocasale founded Doylestown, Pa.-based FlowMetric […]

21 September

CEO Leadership Series: Michael J. Daley, PhD, President and CEO, OrthogenRX, Inc.

FROM SEED FUNDING TO FDA APPROVAL IN 20 MONTHS! The biopharmaceutical industry was abuzz earlier this month with the long-awaited launch of Sandoz’ Zarxio™ (filgrastim-sndz), the first biosimilar to be marketed in the U.S. But lost in the fanfare of that announcement was perhaps an equally important industry milestone that had been reached just the […]

12 August

CEO Leadership Series: Frank K. Bedu-Addo, PhD, President & CEO, PDS Biotechnology Corp.

TRANSITIONING FROM SCIENTIST TO CEO By the time he co-founded PDS Biotechnology Corp., a clinical-stage biotech company in North Brunswick, N.J., Dr. Frank K. Bedu-Addo had experienced a career in the pharmaceutical industry that took him from research scientist immersed in drug development to biotech executive with broad management experience. PDS (which stands for Protein […]

28 June

CEO Leadership Series: J. David Owens, CEO, BiologicsMD, Inc.

HOW TO REINVENT YOURSELF IN TURBULENT TIMES David Owens is an expert on reinvention and the unconventional path to the C-suite. In 2009, after 30 years in progressively more senior leadership roles in pharmaceutical companies, Mr. Owens left his position as senior vice president for sales & marketing of the Hospital & Surgical Products Division at […]

15 May

CEO Leadership Series: Dr. Warren Cooper, President, Coalescence Inc.

THE IMPORTANCE OF BUILDING A STRONG BOARD OF DIRECTORS The composition of a company’s board of directors ultimately can make or break a business. Warren Cooper, president of Radnor, Pa.-based Coalescence, Inc. and currently a member of the board of directors of Cardiorentis AG, has held numerous executive management positions in the pharmaceutical industry, as […]

04 September
17 April


MAKING A SMOOTH TRANSITION FROM A LARGE MEDICAL DEVICE FIRM TO A SMALL BIOPHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY Last year, David Johnson made a big change in his career life. He transitioned from serving as CEO at ConvaTec — a $2-billion global medical device developer and marketer — to lead the $2-million publicly traded transdermal wound management and […]

01 March

CEO LEADERSHIP SERIES: Baruch Ben Dor, PhD, President & CEO, InfraScan Inc.

A ROLLER-COASTER RIDE TO SUCCESS IN THE MEDICAL DEVICE INDUSTRY When someone gets a serious head injury, the prompt detection of intracranial bleeding can be a matter of life and death. Philadelphia, PA-based InfraScan Inc. has recently received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market a handheld device that rapidly and […]

01 September

CEO LEADERSHIP SERIES: Donna L. Tempel, PhD, President and CEO, Drais Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

USING VIRTUAL BIOTECHS TO MOVE DRUGS INTO DEVELOPMENT MORE EFFICIENTLY This year, Bridgewater, NJ-based Drais Pharmaceuticals, Inc., has launched a new business model. According to Drais President and CEO Donna Tempel, PhD, the company created two virtual biotechs to more efficiently and effectively pursue clinical stage drug development. During an interview with Ashton Tweed, Tempel […]

01 June

CEO LEADERSHIP SERIES: Dr. Warren Cooper, Former President & CEO, Prism Pharmaceuticals

SUCCESS STRATEGIES FOR NEW DRUG DEVELOPMENT TODAY Originally published in Ashton Tweed Connection, Summer 2012 As the former President and CEO of Prism Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Warren Cooper led the King of Prussia, PA-based company from inception through product development and FDA approval until it was acquired by Baxter Healthcare in 2011. Prism was a big […]

01 April

CEO LEADERSHIP SERIES: Nick Spring, President & CEO, Rainbow Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

SUCCESSFULLY RIDING THE WAVE OF CHANGE IN PHARMA TODAY  Originally published in Ashton Tweed Connection, April 2012 In 2005, Nick Spring cofounded Topaz Pharmaceuticals — a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing treatments for the pediatric and dermatology markets. As President and CEO for 5 years and a board member throughout, Nick successfully […]

01 February

CEO LEADERSHIP SERIES: Christopher Cashman, Executive Chairman, Marinus Pharmaceuticals

THE RISKS AND REWARDS OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP Originally published in Ashton Tweed Connection, February 2012 What are the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship? That’s what we asked Chris Cashman, Executive Chairman of Marinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Thanks to his successful entrepreneurial venture as cofounder of Protez Pharmaceuticals, Cashman was the 2008 recipient of the Entrepreneur of the […]

01 September

CEO LEADERSHIP SERIES: Jane Hollingsworth, CEO, NuPathe

Originally published in Ashton Tweed Connection, September 2011 As market conditions and the economy continue to improve, the specialty pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow substantially in the future. According to Bourne Partners’ Specialty Pharmaceutical Industry Update, spending on specialty pharmaceuticals is predicted to increase to more than 40% of total drug spend by 2030. […]

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